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Unity Bead pendant - Silver


This beautifully simple pendant crafted in sterling silver or 18ct yg is elegant simplicity at its best. A single Unity bead with granulation is suspended from a fine chain. The "Unity" pendant is made by Australian Fine Jewellery designer Tonya Gilbett from her studio in Hobart,  Australia. This delicate pendant forms part of a symbolic jewellery collection called "Unity".

The Unity Collection has been designed to symbolise the importance of unity with our loved ones. In Eastern tradition fish represent unity as they swim together to provide strength and protection. The minimalist fish form of the Unity Collection is symbolic of the importance of friends and family.  

Tonya Gilbett Fine Jewellery is inspired by many things; ancient and antique jewellery, the beauty of nature, and the modern woman. Symbolism was important in the creation of many Ancient jewels and much research has been devoted to this topic. This Unity Bead Pendant takes inspiration from minimalist design however with a deeper symbolic meaning, a feature of Ancient jewels. 

There are other pieces that form part of the Unity Collection. The Unity Bead pendant is 28mm wide and is hanging on a fine 45cm long chain

All jewellery created by Tonya Gilbett Fine Jewellery is carefully crafted using the highest quality materials. As our jewellery is handmade to order from our Hobart studio please allow between 1-6 weeks for the careful creation and delivery of your unique piece to anywhere in Australia, longer is required for our customers outside of Australia.

Elegant simplicity at its best, a feature of all Tonya Gilbett Fine Jewellery designs.

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