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Etrusca stacker ring with purple and teal green solid boulder opal


This very cute opal ring is handmade by Australian Fine Jewellery designer, Tonya Gilbett, from her studio in Hobart, Australia.

A very pretty solid boulder opal (0.88ct) with a background colour of purple with bright teal green strea uncovered in Queensland by Broken River Mining.  This unique opal is bezel set within the simplicity of a solid 18ct gold Etrusca ring. The ring is left in a natural unpolished state, as are many of Tonya Gilbett designs, to compliment the natural elegance of this unique Australian opal. The Etrusca collection is inspired by ancient Etruscan jewellery uncovered in archaeological excavations, the perfect inspiration for our Australian opal which some believe have taken millions of years to form. The natural beauty of this ring is the perfect symbol for the natural beauty of our land and the natural elegance and beauty of Australian women. Opal jewellery created for Australian women.

This gold opal ring is one of a kind, however we do take custom orders and can made a similar ring for you with your choice of opal from our collection, sourced directly from the Australian opal miner. Ethical jewellery created with opals sourced directly from my homeland. 

All jewellery is handmade to order from our Hobart studio. Please allow between 1-6 weeks for the careful creation and delivery of your unique piece to anywhere in Australian, longer is required for our customers outside of Australia.