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Antiqui Pink and Blue Coober Pedy opal Pendant


This incredible Coober Pedy opal doublet pendant is handmade by Australian Fine Jewellery Designer Tonya Gilbett from her studio in Hobart Australia.

The opal is a very fine opal doublet with intense shades of pink and blue, reminiscent of the Australian sunset on a hot summers day. The opal was discovered in Coober Pedy and then sent directly from the miner. It is set within the simplistic beauty of an Antiqui setting, minimalist natural beauty to compliment the beauty of the stone. The warmth of gold left in a raw unpolished state is the perfect accompaniment for this beautiful, unique Australian opal. 

The Antiqui Collection is symbolic of the merging of the past with the present, the connectedness of everything, we are all part of what has been and what is to be in the future. It is a nod to ancient and antique jewellery and the goldsmith techniques of old. 

This beautiful gold opal pendant is one of a kind, however we do take custom orders and can make a similar pendant with your choice of opal from our collection, sourced directly from the Australian opal miner. Ethical jewellery with opals sourced directly from my homeland.

All jewellery is handmade to order from our Hobart studio. Please allow between 1-6 weeks for the careful creation and delivery of your unique piece to anywhere in Australia, longer is required for our customers outside of Australia.