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Goddess Daphne boulder opal pendant on malachite beads


This beautiful one of a kind hand crafted pendant is set with a large 14.4ct solid boulder opal. The pendant is hung from a string of 6mm malachite beads which have been strung on hand dyed silk thread (dyed from natural vegetable dye). The necklace total length is 410mm. The leaf detail is representative of the laurel leaf, the symbol for Goddess Daphne. Daphne is a minor goddess of fresh water. To escape the amorous advances of the God Apollo, Daphne (a sworn virgin) begged her father to protect her and her father turned her into a laurel tree. 

The myth of this legend is about remaining true to yourself and also about letting go, not forcing things. What is meant for you will be yours, you cannot force an outcome. Trust.

This pendant is for the heart and the throat chakra. Listen to your heart and speak your truth.