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Georgia Ring- Set with Australian Parti Sapphire


This very pretty handmade ring has been created in 18ct yellow gold and set with a 1ct Australian Parti Sapphire hand cut into an emerald cut shape.

This series is named Georgia, a name of Greek origin that means farmer or tiller of the earth. To grow and cultivate ourselves, our loved ones and our land is of great importance. Wear this ring as a reminder of your own personal growth and of a lifelong commitment to growth of yourself, those you love and the planet on which we live. 

This ring can be made to order using your gemstone or with one especially chosen for you. 

Stunning custom made jewellery with meaning. Call me on 0416 291437 to arrange a viewing or bespoke appointment.

Love and light, Tonya x

The jeweller for women living intentionally and expressively.