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Etrusca stud earrings - 18ct gold


These delicate 18ct  yellow gold  "Etrusca" stud earrings have been created to reflect the beauty of ancient jewellery, crafted in 18ct yellow gold by Tonya Gilbett,  Fine Jewellery Designer, from her studio in Hobart. They have been made in 18ct yellow gold to produce a brightness that is not possible in lower carat gold.  Designed with an irregular circular shape with 5 gold beads on each similar to the bead work seen in granulation jewellery, a feature of Etruscan jewellery - hence the name sake. Each earring has approximately 10mm outside diameter,

The Etrusca Collection has been designed to represent the importance of remembering the past as being part of the present - that everything is related. The ancient Etruscan civilization was renown for it resources and the jewellers from this time were among the most exceptional  in recorded history. These "Etrusca" gold studs have been designed with the Etruscan aesthetic in mind.

Tonya Gilbett Fine Jewellery is inspired by many things; from ancient and antique jewellery to the beauty of nature and modern women. Symbolism was an important component to ancient jewellery and provided an extra dimension and depth to the designing. Elegant simplicity, a feature of all Tonya Gilbett Fine Jewellery.

All jewellery created by Tonya Gilbett Fine Jewellery is carefully created using the highest quality materials. As our jewellery is handmade to order from our Hobart studio please allow between 1 -6 weeks for the careful creation and delivery of your unique piece to anywhere in Australia, longer is required for our customers outside of Australia.

FREE DELIVERY Australia wide.