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Pergola ring with Australian Chrysoprase


This beautiful apple green Australian Chrysoprase has been set within a bespoke 18ct yellow gold setting. This ring is handmade and is entirely one of a kind. It forms part of an emerging collection called "Pergola" which is inspired by the Japanese Pergola. In Buddhism the Pergola represents the 5 elements - air, earth, fire, water and space. These 5 elements also reside within the individual as they do within the world around us and it is essential to find balance of these elements for peace and harmony. The green chrysoprase is a gemstone that aligns with the heart chakra. This stone is believed to stimulate the heart chakra to help with clearing negative energy to bring forth joy, love, prosperity and abundance as well as  to help one to see the Divine Truth that lies within the heart. 

Wear this ring with intention and knowing, to tap into the energetic beauty that lies within.

Made to size Q.