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Australian Solid Black Opal and Diamond Earrings


These beautiful silver and white gold Opal earrings are hand made by Australian Fine Jewellery designer Tonya Gilbett from her studio in Hobart,  Australia.

The iridescent opals in these opal earrings are unique solid black Australian opals. These earrings are handmade in silver and 18ct white gold with the silver blackened to create an earthy effect. The opals are held securely in place by fine silver claws. The touch of diamonds threading down to the opal are set in 18ct white gold. The diamonds creates a luxurious finish to these classically elegant and simple earrings. These opal earrings follow in the aesthetic of Tonya Gilbett fine jewellery of elegant simplicity, designed to appeal to Australian women of all ages. 

The opals, while matched in colour and shape are each uniquely different. The individuality of each opal is celebrated by Tonya Gilbett Fine Jewellery Design who believe that there is beauty in the imperfect pair, allowing each individual opal to shine as unique and one of a kind. 

These opal earrings are one of a kind, however we do make custom orders and can make a similar pair of earrings with your choice of opal from our collection sourced directly from the Australian opal miner.

Ethical jewellery, with opals sourced directly from my home land. 

All jewellery is handmade to order from our Hobart studio. Please allow between 1-6 weeks for the careful creation and delivery of your unique piece to anywhere in Australia.