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Athena - Sophia Minerva opal pendant


This unique and sexy one of a kind boulder opal pendant forms part of the Athena Collection. It is handmade in 18ct yellow gold with an owl detail as the spirit animal of Goddess Athena. The owl is symbolic of wisdom, watchfulness and intuition.

I have chosen boulder opal for this piece as it is grounding however at the same time the flashes of colour help to align and stimulate the chakras. The more aligned we are the more intune to our own inner wisdom and intuition.

This pendant is shown on a 60cm long Italian made 18ct yellow gold chain which sits at the level of the décolletage. The leaf drops provide feminine movement with a subtle hark back to art deco lines.

Wear this pendant with confidence to empower your inner goddess to rise up to show you full beauty and grandeur that is waiting, ready to be seen.