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Athena Minerva Luxe diamond and tanzanite earrings.


Stunning handmade Goddess Athena Minerva luxe drop earrings set with Tanzanite (the stone of transformation - wisdom and intuition) and diamonds. 

Each earrings has an individual owl that was created using the ancient technique of repousse. The owl is one of Goddess Athena's most well known symbols. The owl spirit animal represents the deep connection with wisdom, intuition, good judgement and knowledge.

Wear these earrings with deep intention, to heighten your ability to tap into your innate intuition and wisdom. These earrings have been designed to support you, to channel your inner Goddess, your inner wisdom and intuition. Wear my jewellery with intent and allow the power of the mind to transform your every day. 

Each earring is approx 80mm long.