My designs........influenced by the beauty and symbolism of ancient jewellery and inspired by the colour and wonder of natural gemstones and Mother Earth. I am particularly drawn to use ethically mined Australian Opal as they are a crazy celebration of the incredible and unique creations of Mother Nature. I celebrate the individuality of each stone and relish in asymmetry and the imperfect. Every opal is a statement of its own individuality and serves as a reminder of the individuality and uniqueness of all creation.

My desire.........to create fine handcrafted  jewellery with a story and symbolism  woven into the design and an elegant simplicity that appeals to women of all ages. My jewellery to always be designed and made in Australia.

My dream.........for all Australian women to own a piece of fine opal jewellery and to wear jewellery that has a deeper significance.  

Being a jeweller and gemmologist as well as a qualified health professional that has practiced yoga for more than 20 years has led me to appreciate simplicity and meaning. I have seen and experienced the joys of life as well as the hardships. For this reason it is important to me that my jewellery is thoughtfully designed with symbolic meaning to celebrate gratitude and recognition of life and connection.


 I look forward to creating my fine jewellery for you and thank you in advance for sharing in my dream