I have designed The Goddess Collections because I believe in the innate strength and beauty of women.  All women have an inner goddess and it is in the discovering of who we are, our beauty and strength and unique gifts that leads us to find our goddess. To love ourselves deeply, to become in tune with mother earth and to free ourselves to truly express who we are, without restraint, is essential to becoming our own version of a goddess.  

The Athena Collection is my first of the Goddess Collections and is inspired by Goddess Athena - the ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom, intuition and warfare. She was an immortal goddess and was one of the most intelligent and wise of the Greek gods. Goddess Athena was also the patron of metal work and crafts.

Goddess Athena was the favourite daughter of the God Zeus (the God of thunder and lightning and king of Mt Olympus - the home of the Greek Gods). Mythology has it that she was born from his forehead wearing full armour.

Goddess Athena has several symbols with the owl being her most well known. The owl symbolises wisdom and watchfulness.  

As Goddess Athena is immortal it is believed that she would never die however when an immortal God or Goddess is forgotten then they do "die" and with the death of Goddess Athena it was believed that there would be a loss of wisdom for all people. 

Bringing in my love of ancient mythology with my 25 yrs of yoga I have included into this collection the gemstones for wisdom and intuition. The gemstones incorporated into this collection are the colours purple, indigo and blue believed to stimulate the crown chakra (wisdom), third eye (intuition) and throat chakra (expression, listening and aligning vision with reality). Australian opals will also be included due to the amazing array of colour that facilitates the alignment of the chakras. 

Let us bring Goddess Athena back to life and find our own wisdom and intuition to lead us to the greatest version of ourselves.