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    Wake up Goddess

    Stunning handmade jewellery designed to empower and transform.

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    Goddess Collections

    Our collections are designed around the symbolism of the ancient goddess.


    Stunning handmade jewellery

    Gold talisman jewellery to awaken the goddess within.

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    Handmade in Australia

    Every piece is handmade in Australia using ethically sourced gemstones and metal.

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    Australian gemstones

    Awaken your chakras with the colour of opals and gemstones.

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    My Journey

    My Journey

    My work as a jeweller has facilitated my personal journey of self discovery, through the design process, the manufacture and the handling of the precious materials gifted to us by Mother Earth. More recently, my understanding of the power of gemstones  has taken me on an even deeper journey to self . I am forever grateful for where my path has led me and would like to share this with you. I welcome and honour you on your own unique journey and aspire for my jewellery to support you in that process


    • March 08, 2021 Eye Idol - Ancient Inspiration.
      Eye Idol - Ancient Inspiration.  I have created my first Eye Idol pendant in homage to the ancient people of Mesopotamia who created Eye Idol figurines to offer to the Gods. Hopefully this will be the first of many very precious Eye Idol pendants which I create by hand with deep reverence for the past and for the people of that time. 
    • November 18, 2020 Rose Quartz - Universal Love
      Rose Quartz - Universal Love Rose quartz is my crystal of choice for meditation.    I have meditated with many different crystals over the past year however this is the crystal I love the most. It is often called the Stone of Universal Love and is believed to link directly to the heart and soul.
    • October 28, 2020 Why dress like a Goddess!
      Why dress like a Goddess! To dress like a Goddess is to self love. This is not the same as shallow vanity, but this is about a deep self respect and care. In order to truly love another we must learn to love ourselves first.
    • October 11, 2020 Jewellery to enhance energy flow
      Jewellery to enhance energy flow Tonya Gilbett is on a journey to discovering the power of jewellery, through personal experience and ancient wisdom. The power is not only held in the gemstones but, some believe, also in the positioning of the jewellery on the body.


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