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    Wake up Goddess

    Stunning handmade jewellery designed to empower and transform.

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    Goddess Collections

    Our collections are designed around the symbolism of the ancient goddess.


    Stunning handmade jewellery

    Gold talisman jewellery to awaken the goddess within.

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    Handmade in Australia

    Every piece is handmade in Australia using ethically sourced gemstones and metal.

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    Australian gemstones

    Awaken your chakras with the colour of opals and gemstones.

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    My Journey

    My Journey

    My work as a jeweller has facilitated my personal journey of self discovery, through the design process, the manufacture and the handling of the precious materials gifted to us by Mother Earth. More recently, my understanding of the power of gemstones  has taken me on an even deeper journey to self . I am forever grateful for where my path has led me and would like to share this with you. I welcome and honour you on your own unique journey and aspire for my jewellery to support you in that process


    • September 16, 2020 JoyaSabi and my business journey.
      JoyaSabi and my business journey. For many years Tonya has been exploring the power of jewellery. Learn how her honeymoon in Spain and Japanese philosophy have impacted on her earlier journey and still apply to her work today .
    • August 24, 2020 Goddess Collections
      Goddess Collections The desire to create jewellery with deep meaning and symbolism has always inspired Tonya to design around symbols. This was taken to another level when repeated dreams of owls led her to become acquainted with Goddess Athena, and the birth of Tonya's first Goddess Collection.
    • August 05, 2020 Opals and chakras
      Opals and chakras Discover how Tonya's fascination with Australian opal led her on an unexpected journey toward a greater understanding of our energetic body.
    • July 21, 2020 Getting to know each other
      Getting to know each other Learn how Tonya Gilbett started her career and how jewellery and gemstones, a move to Tasmania and a long term practice of yoga has all influenced her life journey.


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